Andrew Mathie is a cabinet maker for your bespoke furniture

Custom office furniture

Office furniture doesn’t need to be cold and sterile; a piece handcrafted in solid timber will add warmth and character to your office. Whether it be a desk, bookcase, filing cabinets or maybe a workstation, we work with you create your perfect office space. Many people prefer painted finishes to complement their décor; there are many styles to choose from.

Desks/Filing Cabinets

In this new technological age computers are an integral part of the office area. Hence we can build a desk or workstation to house computers, monitors, laptops, printers, routers and all of your electronic devices. Filing cabinets can be incorporated into the design or remain free standing. We can combine the practical features of a painted finish combined with the warmth of a solid timber top. Built-in desks with overhead bookcases are popular.



Bookcases are a decorative shallow piece of furniture with shelving to hold books. They can be tall or low and can display ornaments/photos as well. We can create one for you in timber or a painted finish or a combination of both. Most of our customers prefer a front frame structure with a solid matchboard backing. This provides a very solid construction for even the heaviest collection of books.  Decorative cornices, plinth bases, stop chamfers make our bookcases stand out from the rest. Be creative and have them any colour you wish.

Things to know

How to order bespoke furniture

1. Take Measurements

1. Take Measurements

How much space do
you have?
2. Photos and Drawings

2. Photos and Drawings

Send us a photo or drawing of what you would like to create, with some rough dimensions.
3. Contact us

3. Contact us

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